Discover how much easier life can be when you understand how to access and utilize your own personalized inner navigation system to guide you.

Learning about your Soul Contract is the first step in developing deeper self awareness and understanding about your life path.

Book your Birth Chart Reading Now!

Once you’ve had your birth chart reading, we can use the Spiritual Numerology of Moses to go even deeper.  Understanding how the frequency of your birth name interacts with other names can reveal a deeper level of personal insight and self awareness.

Additional Services

Other Name Analysis

A personalized name analysis evaluates how the other names you have used impact your life purpose and mix with the energies your Soul Contract.  Use this 60 minute session to evaluate up to 4 other names.  This can include, but is not limited to, current legal name, common name, nicknames, pen or stage names, business names and of course, any name changes due to marriage. This session will reveal a deeper meaning and refined focus of your life plan.

Relationship/Family Analysis 

Evaluate the relationships in your life and see how those closest to you ultimately help you achieve your goals.  Use this 60 minute session to evaluate up to 4 different relationships. A relationship reading sets a foundation for better understanding and harmony with those we interact with on a day to day basis.  Learn how to support the ones you love in a whole new way by understanding their true life purpose. Parents, support your children by seeing them for who they are at a soul level and help guide them to discovering what they are here to achieve with their unique life purpose.

Personal Empowerment Sessions 

Want to generate some momentum in achieving your goals, stepping into your talents or overcoming your karma?  This is the place to do it.  A 60 minute empowerment session allows you to ask specific questions about your Soul Contract and get personalized guidance and support to assist you in achieving your goals.  Are you feeling blocked or stuck? Frustrated with your current situation?  I use my unique intuitive gifts and self discovery tools to identify limiting patterns of belief that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.  Using simple, yet practical tools, I offer solutions that shift away from disempowering patterns to create and energize new belief structures. Use your greatest ally, your consciousness, to assist you with aligning with a life you truly love to live.