Welcome to The Kindred Soul

My name is Graysee Allin Hempel

I’m so glad you’ve arrived. Here, now.

My story begins on November 10th 2009 at 2:45 a.m. when I arrived in my then 38 year old body just as the occupant before me, walked out.

I am an angelic walk-in and the 3rd soul that has collaborated with this body.  The previous occupant walked-in just before the body turned 3 and was a destroyer force angel, just like I am.  Destroyer force angels are by function, innately transformative.  They create energetic movement in lower frequency states of energy.  This movement creates ‘space’ allowing the potential for Light to emerge, producing a rapid shift in frequency and an environment optimal for expansion at the energetic level.

I am here to create a life of expanded capacity based upon my understanding of how identity and creation work here, while in embodied form and to share my experiences with those that are drawn to them.

At the time of the walk-in, I wasn’t immediately aware that a soul exchange had occurred.  In fact, I wasn’t aware of the term “walk-in” until I participated in a spiritual workshop several years later.

Nonetheless, I instinctively knew that something really BIG was going on, I just didn’t know exactly what.  For months,  I would wake up with a distinct knowing that something didn’t feel right in my head and I would feel off all day.  At more than one point in time, I was concerned I might be having a mental breakdown.

But the feelings eventually subsided. Several years of rapid change and transformation followed. The process of walking-in requires a period of ongoing integration, especially for the physical body as it learns to adapt to the frequency of the new soul. The ongoing changes in the body created for me, a heightened state of neurological sensitivity, intense physical sensations, physical pain and mental confusion.

My higher self would often show me a caterpillar transforming gently into a butterfly while safely resting in its cocoon and would remind me, that with so much internal transformation going on within my being and body, that I too, could relax and allow myself to undergo this transformation while safely nestled in my environment, peacefully, easily, naturally.

I started to experience things that felt new to me, from the perspective of the previous occupants experience. I started to receive instantaneous ‘knowing’ about things I had no direct knowledge of.  I started to have strong intuitive nudges and felt the inner confidence deep from within to allow them to guide my daily life. I discovered a gentle voice that imparts higher perspective thoughts and wisdom and a humorous playful energy that gives me a good laugh when its beneficial for me to lighten up.

My life evolved into a series of ongoing synchronicities bridging me to new places and experiences, giving me the potential to discover more. I was eager to understand more about who we truly are in our eternal vastness and about our existence as spiritual beings here on planet Earth.

During this period of personal discovery, my curiosity led me to various tools and systems of belief that provided the structure to start to put together, piece by piece, the unique aspects of my physical and spiritual existence.  I discovered that spiritual tools can be used to tap into our own sense of inner knowing so we can ultimately discern who we are as spiritual beings.  We are each here to discover that for ourselves, personally.

It was through self discovery and following my inner knowing that I started to understand who I was, in my eternal vastness, and why I am here. Through inspiration and inner guidance, I found my way to the mentors and teachers that would validate my inner knowing and offer me insight in discovering the next piece of the puzzle.

I enjoy sharing things I’ve personally found to be beneficial, so that others may discover more about who they are and use that knowledge to enrich their life.

One of the tools I enjoy sharing the most, is the Spiritual Numerology of Moses. This system uses a unique blend of sound and numerology to decode a spiritual meaning and optimal path for your life.  It combines elements of the Kabbalah, Tarot and Astrology.  It uses the frequencies contained within the sounds of your name and decodes them using a foundational interpretation of Hebrew creation theory based from an ancient text called the Sefer Yetzirah.

This tool can be used to understand how to effectively co-create with the qualities of energy that your birth name is naturally drawing to you.

The frequencies of your birth name remain active in your energy field for as long as your body remains alive. Your birth name keeps you aligned with the aspects of identity that your soul wanted to experience during your lifetime.  The ongoing use of your name, sends these frequencies out into your field and draws to you, the qualities inherent in them.

All incarnate souls use sound as a means to manifest life experience.  Some call the frequencies of the birth name, the Soul Contract, because we enter into an agreement to express these qualities as our identity at a soul level, before we are born.

The frequencies of your birth name are imprinted into the karmic matrix of your holographic field, the field of energy that exists around all living beings.

When you become aware of this energy and learn to co-create with it, you begin to experience greater momentum in manifesting and achieving your goals in life.

It gives me great joy and fufillment to share how the unique energy contained within your birth name, can reveal a deeper meaning and purpose for your life and catalyze your dreams into action.

Discover what makes you, YOU.

SEE through the GRAY

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