Soul Contract Reading

A Soul Contract Reading is a tool of self discovery based upon an amazingly accurate system of numerology that uses the sound of your name to create a spiritual map for your life.

Have you ever wondered about your life purpose?

Are you curious to discover more about who you really are?

Do you know there is a deeper meaning for your life, but you’re not sure how to discover exactly what that is?

You have come to the right place.


Because a Soul Contract Reading can answer these questions and many more.


There is a map hidden within the sounds of your birth name.  This map acts like a blueprint, containing within it, the design and ultimate potential for your life.


What if you could unlock the purpose of your life just by decoding your Soul Contract?

You can.

Life is easier to navigate when you have a map.  Let me show you how!

What is a Soul Contract Reading?

A Soul Contract Reading uses the sounds of your birth name to reveal the life plan that was specifically designed just for you.  The system is based upon an amazingly accurate form of ancient numerology called the Spiritual Numerology of Moses.  In this system, the sound of your birth name is translated into the equivalent Hebrew sound and subsequently converted into numbers which are placed around a Star of David. When reduced, the resulting numbers reveal a unique code which can be interpreted as your Soul Contract.

Graysee Allin Hempel_Tricia Lynn Henton_birth


The triangles around the outside of the Star of David represent the 3 physical and 3 spiritual aspects of our overall life purpose. Each individual aspect is further defined by bands of frequencies, a pre-determined range of recurring themes within our experience that will propel our soul into the environments and situations that are optimal for its evolution and expansion. The culmination of these experiences, when mastered, will lead us to our ultimate purpose in life, our Soul Destiny.  This is the seventh and final aspect of our Soul Contract.

A Soul Contract can be thought of as a personal law of attraction code.  The ‘code’ of frequencies contained within your birth name are continuously attracting to you, the people and situations in life that are resonant to it.  Understanding this code allows you to actively participate in life in an empowered way.

Sound interesting?

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Personalized Birth Chart Reading 

In this 75-90 minute reading you will discover:

  • The true meaning of the obstacles and limitations intentionally placed in your path and how to move beyond them.
  • The innate talents you possess and how to easily access and leverage them so you can move into greater alignment with your true self.
  • The goals you set out for yourself and a framework to understand them in so you can more easily take steps to actualize them.
  • The path that will lead you to discover your true Soul Destiny with an elevated vision for the future based upon the earthly aspirations and spiritual desires of the soul.
  • Practical and grounded approaches to empower you to step into the fullest expression of your soul essence and align with your unique spiritual signature.

Readings Include:

*75 – 90 minutes of intuitive preparation, usually about 1-3 days prior to the reading, where I connect to your guides and prepare your chart.

*75 – 90 minutes of online 1:1 time to discuss your Soul Contract using a Zoom virtual meeting room.  Participants may join by phone or webcam.

*A PDF of your Soul Contract Star of David 

*A link to download the audio recording of your Soul Contract Reading.

“I have been using information from the reading to help me everyday!!! I have been able to handle things differently because this has made me stop and think why I am acting or feeling the way I am!! You Graysee are a true blessing in my life!!! Thank you for helping me heal!!!”  – Colleen Lampton, Duluth MN

“Thank you for all the work you put into my Soul Contract Reading and for sharing so thoroughly and patiently.  It is already helping me tremendously as I try to discern one day at a time on this current path.  Can’t thank you enough.” – Linda Engel, Crosslake MN

“I am doing fantastic.  So glad I got the reading, it has changed my whole attitude!” – Karla Hendricks, Plano TX

“Your enlightened sharing and guidance gave me tools that are already helping on many levels.” Connie Erickson, Brainerd MN 

“Thank you for today.  It was a piece of heavenly enlightenment…I am so grateful for the reading.” – Jackie S, Chicago IL

“I throughly enjoyed our session the other evening and keep thinking about it. Thank you for doing what you do.” – Pam Sutton, Eau Claire WI

“I’m so glad our paths crossed.” – Jennifer S, Duluth MN

“After struggling to keep my head above water for nearly two years trying to deal with the tragic death of my parents, I signed up for a soul contract reading with Graysee to see if it could possibly help me to deal with my grief and gather some insight as to what was happening with my sad soul. The reading helped me to see that I am who I am and everything actually does happen for a reason. I can now move forward in my life with confidence keeping in mind what Graysee shared with me using her skills and talent and reminding me just what an incredible person I am. Thank you Graysee for pulling me out of my fog and back into the light, for that I will be forever grateful!” –  MJ Kramer, Foreston, MN

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