Welcome to The Kindred Soul

My name is Graysee Allin Hempel, I am The Kindred Soul.

I created The Kindred Soul as a way to share a deeper understanding of the beauty and mystery of life with those who have an eagerness to learn more about themselves.

A fascination with numbers and synchronicity lead me to discover a system of numerology that offered an interpretation, a spiritual meaning and purpose for life.

Its deep resonance with my life experience motivated me to share it with others and The Kindred Soul came into being.

The Kindred Soul is for anyone who has a natural curiosity about life. It reflects the beauty found in nature and offers you a space to connect with your own source of authentic beauty, through knowing yourself. It’s a sanctuary for anyone looking to experience more alignment, authenticity, inner peace and fulfillment.

I share with you the things I love about life. In addition to being a channel, photographer, painter and nature enthusiast, I offer a unique perspective on how you could view life, courtesy of the frequencies contained within your name.

I know myself as vast eternal consciousness and I assist others in discovering who they are, at a soul level too.


Because knowing WHO I am, is a huge part of my story.

My story doesn’t begin in the usual way. It begins, in a blink of an eye, on November 10th 2009 at 2:45 a.m. when I arrived in my then 38 year old body just as the occupant before me, walked out.

I am an angelic walk-in, the 3rd soul that has collaborated with this physical body. Knowing this, puts me into somewhat of a unique situation when it comes to being here, living in this body and being on this planet!

Many are familiar with the idea that the soul enters our physical body before birth and stays with the body until death.

In some cases, instead of choosing physical death, a soul may decide to leave the body and allow another soul to ‘step in’.

This process is known as a walk-in.

A walk-in is a fulfillment of an agreement made by each soul involved, prior to incarnation. A walk-in does not force another soul to leave or take over a body without consent. It is a benevolent process for all parties involved.

I am one of many walk-in’s embodied on Earth. Some of us know who we are, but many do not.

Because my work involves a deep understanding of identity and how to leverage identity to express your true authentic nature, it makes sense for you to know a little about my identity too.

So there it is.

Knowing who you are and expressing as that knowing, is one of the most beautiful aspects of being here.

Your identity matters. Your name matters. You matter.

Your unique context of identity and the name you give yourself factor into how you ultimately create and experience your life.

Knowing who you are and being clear about your preferences are two main ingredients in the recipe for authentic living.

The Kindred Soul is here to support you stepping into your unique identity and living your best version of life.

Thank you for being part of The Kindred Soul community.